About Us

Hi, I’m Danny

Carbon Electra was created by me, Daniel Smith, a keen all-around sportsperson. I spent many of my younger years boxing (at a decent amateur level) but when my face decided it had had enough of being pummelled, I decided to throw myself into something that doesn’t hurt as much but still holds that individual competitive edge – like when you’re out riding with your mates and someone decides they want to drop the hammer down! I remain competitive in everything I do; I love winning in sport and in life.

I have cycled from a very early age but only joined a club around 8 years ago which was one of the best things I ever did. I met some great fellow riders and gained loads of knowledge of cycle routes throughout Shropshire and even over in Majorca during simpler times for travel. I aim to break the mould of the cliché cyclist – I see it as a sport and hobby for everyone and it is even more inclusive and accessible now that E-Bikes are on the scene.

E-Bike Diagnostic Centre

Love them or hate them, E-bikes are here to stay! I must admit that I was a bit of an E-bike ‘hater’ until the day I rode one. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe there’s nothing better or more rewarding than challenging yourself on a self-powered ‘analogue’ bike – I’ve completed 3 tours of Flanders, a 150-mile part-cobbled ride through Belgium with waffles and Blonde Leffe beer to accompany me around and I’ve not come close to getting on an E-Road bike yet…however, the fun that I had on an E-MTB! It allowed me to spend more time riding, go further, discover more trails, and let me work more on the technical side of my riding – what’s not to like?

What They Say?