ETC Towbuddy Kids Bike Tow Bar Suitable for 12″-20″ Wheel Kids Bikes

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The TowBuddy allows you and your child to explore further by attaching them safely and securely to your bike and travelling at your speed.

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As your children grow, cycling together may become more challenging. Whether your young cycling companion is in the transition phase and cannot cycle longer distances or can, however the way back is not as easy, the ETC TowBuddy is here to support you. No more running around, or carrying the bike, or carrying the bike and child.

It’s QUICK, EASY AND SAFE Once fully assembled no tools are needed. The design of the Towbuddy means you can easily attach and detach the bar to your child’s bike. The easy stow design means that you can also easily stow the bar out of the way whilst not in use. This means that your child can ride independently or attached to you; quickly, easily and safely.

You’re ALWAYS IN CONTROL The fork stabiliser means you are in total control of both yours and your child’s bike. By keeping the child’s bike forks straight and still, it means there wont be any unexpected changes in balance. The head hitch connection is also simple to slide into place and with the included quick-release securing pin you can rest assured that it is secure.


Suitable for Adult Hard Tails 26″ and above. Connects to a Child Bikes 12-20″
Maximum Load of the Towbuddy 32kg
Quick and easy attach and detach without tools
Simple stow away design Quick release included

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