Galfer E-Bike Pads Shimano Saint – Zee

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Compound specially developed for e-bikes
Extreme heat resistance
High braking force
long shelf life
Low-noise braking

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Galfer E-Bike Bike Brake Pads

With Galfer brake pads we can control the bike during braking, increasing confidence and safety.

The materials used for manufacturing these compounds are specific for each use and type of bike (road, dirt, urban, sport, competition, etc.).

The new compound G1652 stands out for its resistance to high temperatures, braking power, durability and absence of noise.

Developed specifically for electric bikes, wich are characterized by the increase in the total weight and the speed of the vehicle, due to an electric motor that generate higher propulsion.

Organic semi-metal compound (non asbestos).
Resistance to high temperatures and less wear on the brake discs.
Absence of noise, better feeling, progressiveness and braking power.
Minimization of vibration to the wheel.

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