M365 Pro Electric Scooter Rear Tire Mudguard


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1.Rear fender has the function of preventing mud and water splashing, a necessity on rainy days to prevent mud and dirt to your clothes when riding the scooter, it can prevent splash ups and protect your tires during use.

2.Tail rear light made of high-quality strong plastic material, lightweight and durable, it has waterproof and dustproof function, high brightness increasing visibility and safety, works well when riding at night or even when raining.

3.Rubber vibration dampers for flexible damping rubber to prevent shaking damaged on the electric scooter and reduce wear between metals, it let’s your electric scooter life live more longer from premature wear and damages.

4.Rear fender bracket and rear fender mudguard are made of high strength ABS and PC material, solidity lightweight and durable stable performance. Easy to install, there are only a few screws to remove.

5.Our rear fender mudguard, rear fender bracket, rear brake light, rubber vibration dampers are compatible for Xiaomi M365/ M365 pro scooter.

6.The mudguard support protects the rear LED light cable and gives support to the mudguard which helps prevent it to break.

7.The bracket keeps the mudguard stationary in one position and helps protect you from dirt and splashes.

Type: Scooter Mud Fender Kit
Quantity: 1 set
Colour: Dark grey/Black with re detail
Material: ABS
Rear Mud Fender Size:30*12*5.5cm/11.79*4.72*2.16"
Net weight: 170g/6.00oz

1* Fender support
1* Rear Mud Fender
4*Screws cap
1*fender hook cover
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