M365 Pro Front/Rear Replacement Tyre 8 1/2×2


For Xiaomi Electric Scooter Rubber Tire 8 1/2×2 Upgraded Thicken Inner Tube 8.5″ M365 Pro Front/Rear Replacement Tyre

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Pneumatic Tire Product information:

1.The pneumatic tires of 8 1/2 × 2 scooter are universal for front and rear wheels, which completely replace the original tires of Xiaomi M365 / Pro.

2.Compared with solid tires, pneumatic tires have good cushioning, enabling you to navigate on most road surfaces and provide you with a comfortable driving experience. However, it should be noted that any tire can be perforated with a pointed object.

3.The pneumatic tires are made of butyl rubber (usually used in the manufacture of automobile and aircraft tires, with good sealing, compression resistance, environmental protection and durability). It completely replaces the old or broken tires of Xiaomi m365 / Pro scooter.

4.They designed the air chamber to make it explosion-proof. When the air seal is perforated, the air seal is formed immediately around the shell (nails, screws, etc.), so as to avoid the rupture of the air chamber and personal injury of the rider.

5.The weight of pneumatic tire is about 100g.The surface of the pneumatic inner tube is coated with talc, thus avoiding the overheating of the tire and the adhesion between the inner tube and the outer tube, thus prolonging the life of the inner tube

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