GALFER SHIMANO Saint, Zee, XT, TRP Quadiem, SL, Slate T4

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Great stopping Power pads, The only pads you’ll need.

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One pair (enough for one brake)

Brake pads suitable for all conditions, perfectly balanced in terms of power, noise and durability, getting progressive and consistent braking.

Galfer Standard Disc Brake Pads
Suitable for
Shimano Zee and Saint calipers…

Advantages of the new compounds GALFER BIKE USE:

– Absence of noise.
– Better feeling, progressiveness and braking power.
– Minimization of vibration to the wheel.
– Less wear on the brake discs.
– Resistance to high temperatures.
– Increased durability.

With these enhancements the user gets a permanent braking response, with the same behavior throughout his life, improving bicycle control and increase confidence and security of the rider.

The materials used for manufacturing these compounds are specific to the sector of bicycle and its variables (weight, ground, humidity, temperature, noise, etc.).

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